Monday, July 25, 2011

Short Zen Story, Wash Your Bowl

This is a typical Zen story that teaches you that simple Zen momnents are important. Part of my book 51 Short Motivational Stories from Zen, Buddha and Ancient Tales.

A new disciple came to meet Zen master Joshu.

“I’m a day old here and would like to learn the first Zen lesson,” said he to the master.

“Did you have your meal?” asked Joshu.

“Yes master,” replied the disciple.

“Now go and wash your bowl,” said Joshu.

Notes: Doing things on your own is a huge learning in life. Very simple things like eating when hungry and sleeping when tired are Zen moments. No need to wait for big Zen moments, every moment is a Zen moment. Learn to enjoy life. Today and now is the moment. There is no past or future.

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