Monday, July 11, 2011

Link Building Strategies and Resources

Building links is a surefire way to good traffic on your site. Here are the best resources on link building strategies that beginners can confidently read and use.

Build great content.
Build reputation through social media.
Build links naturally.
Link only to relevant content.
Exchange links with high page ranked sites.
Share useful content with your readers.
Make it easy for your blog readers to share content with others.
Write content for relevant sites and blogs.
Create different forms of the same content - PPTs (slideshare), videos (youtube, vimeo), audio podcasts, text content...
List your blog in quality directories
Link blog from your Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter...
Follow a bookmarking strategy to create a network on Stumbleupon, Delicious...

Linking Strategies and Resources:

Eric Ward Linking Articles
Chris Sherman’s Articles in Search Engine Watch
Linking Matters
Link Building Basics by Eric Enge
Link Building Tips by Aaron Wall and Andy Hagans
Ethical Link Building Tips
Creating Compelling Links by Brian Clark on Copyblogger
Link Building Popularity on Google Webmaster Central

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