Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7 Secrets of Simple Living

Humans have a tendency to complicate life, if only we could follow some simple secrets we could live happily.

Dare to tell the truth
To yourself and to others. This makes matter easy. You don’t have to cover up anything. Your conscience isn’t pricked. You begin to believe that’s it. So, there’s no conflict inside your mind. You’ve spoken the truth and it’s left to others to interpret things. That’s their problem. Not yours. Don’t forget The Truth Frees Us All.

Dare to differ
Recall Magellan’s voyage around the world to prove that the earth is round, not flat. Think of Gallileo’s path-breaking discovery that the Sun was the centre of the universe, not the Earth. They have a place in history because they dared to differ, and differ with the world. It’s these differences that make living in this world so interesting. Don’t forget the world needn’t be always right.

Be proud of yourself
To a point of commonsense. Pat yourself for good work done. Reward yourself when you deserve with a chocolate, a sumptuous dinner or a holiday. Learn to appreciate yourself and the world will also do the same. It also helps you appreciate others easily. Nothing wrong in knowing you’re handsome, pretty, smart or super skilled in something. They say it take fewer muscles to smile, than to frown. Take the easy way out. It makes you positive and above all likeable.

Treat everyone as yourself
With love, care and respect. It gets reciprocated, you see. Karma. If you throw garbage into your neighbour’s garden, don’t expect to find your roses bloom (He would have plucked it before dawn). Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The law of reality. Remember, everyone wants to be loved and respected. Just do that. And you’ll live happily ever after. Don’t forget – Do unto others what you’d want them to do unto you.

Learn to say no
That’s tough. But that’s exactly what makes you tough. ‘Yes Men’ are plenty. Smart bosses like men who say no. Because they’d have good reasons for it. Accepting, adjusting all the time subordinates your own ideas, desires and dreams. Saying no gives you tremendous power. Provides you with the upper-hand in a transaction. Try it with the shopkeeper who’s trying to sell you something. Say No. And see the price dropping steadily. Saves a lot of money and plenty of regret (if you had said yes). Don’t forget - No is not negative. It’s very positive, for you.

Dare to dream
Dream is the fuel that sustains man’s aspirations. The Wright brothers dreamt of flying like a bird. They made a plane. Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of freedom. He delivered India from the British. No great achievements have come about without a dream, sacrifice, blood, sweat and toil. The lady who’s lost her husband recently also has to dream. To bring up her daughter, the symbol of their love. Dreams energize you. Dreams push you forward.

Accept criticism
Or you wouldn’t know your faults. Helps you overcome negative aspects in you. Broadens your mind. Changes your perspective. Reminds you that there’s still a lot to learn and do. Could be the way you walk or the way you work. Makes you accept reality. It’s like doing a research on yourself, without having to pay for it. Helps you audit your attitude characters and values.

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