Friday, February 1, 2008

Great ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day where the heady aroma of romance waits to sweep you off your feet. Check out these interesting ideas and have a smashing Valentine’s Day.

To make this day truly memorable, plan ahead and make the best of the most romantic day of the year. Go for a Valentine picnic with your love. Pack a picnic basket filled with yummy food, do include some aphrodisiac food like oysters, caviar, bananas and chocolate. Find a quiet place to picnic preferably near a lake. End with a heart-shaped dessert. As a surprise, whip out a message in a bottle filled with rose petals and shells. Make sure the message is special and romantic, also exchange your Valentine’s Day gift.

Go for a Valentine dinner followed by a dance. What can be more romantic than this? Choose an up-market restaurant and enjoy a quiet candle-light dinner with your love. Don’t forget to carry along a special Valentine gift and if you are a man carry a single red rose or a dozen with you. After dinner, prolong the romantic mood by doing the disco. The feeling of being in the arms of your beloved is a wonderful feeling and a great way to end the night.

If you are one of those who prefers something different from a candle-light dinner, go to a pizza restaurant and celebrate the day with pizzas and Coke. After this, catch up with a romantic flick.

If you want to celebrate a beautiful Valentine dinner at home, do it. Plan a menu ahead of time and include some favorite dishes that your Valentine digs. Do make it a point to include some aphrodisiac foods in the menu. For a change, serve dinner on the terrace, this can make the setting pretty romantic. Make a CD of all the favorite songs which your Valentine likes and play them while having dinner. As dinner draws to a close exchange gifts and kisses.

If you don’t want the traditional Valentine dinner, try something fun, throw a Valentine’ s Day tea party. Lay your table with some fine lace and use red roses as the centre-piece. If possible, drape loops of red satin on the sides of the table. Make a big pot of tea and serve it in true traditional style – from a porcelain tea-pot into your finest china cups. Keep a range of delicious eats ready – muffins, cakes, cookies and other pastries. Exchange Valentine’s Day cards and gifts.

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