Sunday, February 3, 2008

Love Letter for your Valentine

Can't get down to writing a passionate love letter. Here's a free romantic letter to send your Valentine. Use it now.

Dear ---

Since the day I first met you, things have never been the same. My heart skipped a beat and did many tiny somersaults. Love flooded my heart and the world looks like a nicer place to live in.

You are truly a woman who is a one in a million. The sparkle in your eyes, the little smile that plays on your lips when you see me, the hundred little gestures that are so special to you captivate me. My princess, you are not just beautiful to look at, you have that rare inner beauty and charm that spills over too.

My life seemed lonely and empty until you came into my life. The emptiness was filled with a spring of happiness and the joy of a loving friend, a passionate lover. You have been there right beside me through some moments in life that have made an impact, sharing the happiness of my triumphs and helping me tide over the disappointments.

Instead of a cold apartment, I want a home filled with the warmth of your love. I also want you to be with me to share the adventures of life and the big victories.

I adore you, I love you my dear. Love they say makes the world go round but to me you are the world around which my life revolves. Waiting to see you in person and envelop you with warm hugs and kisses.


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