Monday, February 4, 2008

Best Valentine Dinner to Celebrate

The piece de resistance of Valentine’s Day is the dinner. Take care to plan it out well and it will be one of the most beautiful days in your life. A day that will leave behind lovely memories that you will always cherish.

The classic Valentine dinner is a romantic candle-lit one in a quiet restaurant. Carry a bouquet of red roses and a gift for your sweetheart if you are a man and a gift if you are a woman. Order a meal with wine or champagne that you can enjoy as you have a long, lingering romantic conversation. Finish off by surprising your date with a beautiful heart-shaped cake or dessert with a special message on it.

If you want to set up a customized Valentine dinner at home, here are a few ideas. First create the mood in the room by having colorful gas-filled balloons in romantic colors like pink, white or red. If you want to get more elaborate paste a few hearts on the wall or string up some heart streamers across the room.

The Valentine dinner table is going to be the centre of all action. Decorate it by draping yards of red satin across it or classic lace with a sprinkling of fresh rose petals on it. Make a beautiful centre-piece for the table with fresh red roses or a cluster of red candles. Provide individual candles at different spots on the table.

Spray a romantic scent into the air and light some mild incense. Play a selection of soft romantic songs in the backdrop to enhance the mood. Take some time to dress for Valentine dinner picking clothes that flatter and spraying on a sexy perfume especially with hints of vanilla which is an aphrodisiac.

Make dinner special, pick some attractive crockery and serve a gourmet menu that includes aphrodisiacs. Some popular aphrodisiac foods include caviar, lobster, bananas, figs, chocolate and so on. If possible, prepare something by yourself, don’t forget to serve some heart-shaped items like heart-shaped cutlets or, heart-shaped pies and so on. Pick up a bottle of the finest wine or champagne that will go with your meal and raise a toast to your relationship. Remember to finish the meal with a delicious heart-shaped dessert.
Your Valentine gift is the highlight of the evening. Gift your date a carefully chosen Valentine Day gift beautifully gift-wrapped.

These tips should help you enjoy creating the perfect Valentine dinner setting and enjoying it to the hilt.

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