Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Learn to Kick Your Bad Habits

Habits acquired over the years can be unhealthy, sheer waste of time, utterly boring or unrewarding. They can reduce efficiency. Lower our life span. Make people love us less. Or push us to the brink of risking our lives.

But, they could also be good, healthy and positive. They could improve our efficiency. Help organize our lives better. Inculcate self-discipline.

A lot depends on whether the habit is good or bad. Something that's done regularly over a long period of time turns into a habit. And when that happens it's no longer in the realm of conscious acts. Habits exist independently in our subconscious. Which makes it all the more important for you to identify and work on the bad habits, or they could kill your time, reduce efficiently and stunt your personality.

Kicking your bad habit
Remember you weren't born with a bad habit you just acquired it over the years. So it's something you can undo.

Drawing up a plan
Decide which habit you want to do away with first. Procrastination, back-biting, killing time before the TV, overeating, smoking or drinking. Take on one habit at a time. They are as tough as nails.

Writing your intention on a piece of paper works like magic. That's how most successful people have realized their dreams. When you put them on paper that's commitment. Then you must visualize doing away with that bad habit. See yourself smoking fewer cigarettes. Attending to things immediately. Spending lesser time before boring soaps. Eating healthily. This helps tremendously in your fight against bad habits.

Get family and friends to support you
Quitting a compulsive habit like smoking or drinking is tough. Not having the support of loved ones only worsens your resolve. Inform everyone of your resolve to throw a bad habit out of the window. Seek their support. They'll only be too glad to lend it. Join alcoholics anonymous or a non-smokers club. Being amidst people who've benefited from losing a negative habit will motivate you.

Substitute with alternate activities
You can kick a bad habit in the butt only if can find a better activity to replace it. Let's say you want to stop sitting in front of the television for long hours.

Can you do something more healthy and rewarding during that time. Maybe reading a book. Notes to Myself, Chicken Soup for the Soul or Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, if you please. Or get into a routine of exercising. You'll be a lot more healthier. Perhaps, an Evening Walker's Club or polishing some unused skill of yours. Painting or playing the guitar. And why not join a computer class.

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