Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Surprise the Gemini woman with these birthday gifts

Gift the humorous, fun and curious Gemini woman something that catches her quicksilver mind and stimulates it.

The Gemini woman can be quite a mystery. She is quick-witted, a great communicator and can change her mind at a second’s notice. Picking birthday gifts for this whimsical yet adorable woman is a challenging yet fun task. Take some time to choose something apt for her.

Charming gifts for the intelligent Gemini

Gemini, a fascinating star sign as per the Zodiac, women love intellectual stimulation and variety. Gifts like books or gadgets that provide intellectual stimulation will be appreciated. However, if you pick a book make sure it’s light reading. A notebook, iPad, iPhone or tablet PC are gifts that will be useful always. The latest mobile phone always makes a great gift since Geminis are natural communicators. Gift a magazine subscription and give them 12 months of engagement.

Wow the Gemini woman in style

Every Gemini woman is the quintessential lady at heart and the usual feminine favorites like flowers, perfumes and jewelry will be accepted with delight. Gemini rules the arms and hands so give accessories to adorn them like funky bracelets, classy watches and bangles. She loves company and enjoys playing the perfect hostess.  Delight the hostess in her with designer dinner sets, table linen, wine glasses with hand-painted designs, silverware, table d├ęcor and more.

Music is the food for love, play on

Every Gemini woman has a keen ear for music and a love for the art.  Indulge her with a music instrument, music or singing lessons or some good music CDs. She also loves to travel and explore new places and meet new people.  An exotic vacation package is a gift she will love and keep talking about for days on end. Try birthday gifts like travel bags, travel totes or GPRS systems. Indulge their adventurous streak with a flying lesson or a hot balloon ride.

 Why not try a customized zodiac sign birthday gift? You can pick from the wide range of Gemini zodiac sign T-shirts, mugs, fridge magnets, coasters, phone cases, water bottles, keepsake boxes and more.

These ideas should help you when you go hunting for the perfect birthday gift for the Gemini woman.

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