Sunday, December 21, 2008

Effective Communication in the Workplace

It's critical to communicate effectively at workplace. Just follow these tips to success.
I could say communication is key, but you still have to know when to shut up.
I might mention that you have to give to receive, but you also have to make sure to take time for yourself.
There is always looking at your SO as your best friend, but realizing you have other friends in the world.
You have to be flexible and open, but stand your ground.
You have to be in love with your SO, but realize that doesn't mean you will like them all the time.
You will need to lead by example and follow directions.
Always work hard at making things work in the relationship, and also be able to accept things running their course.
You can be angry or upset, but you have to understand why you really shouldn't be
You need to be read to make war in the morning, peace in the afternoon, love at night, and breakfast the next day.
Be able to balance the opposite, even when there is no equality to the balance.


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