Monday, January 28, 2008

How to express love on Valentine’s Day

What’s the best way to express love to your valentine? Valentine’s Day is one of the most beautiful days in the life of every couple. Make sure you express your love to your beloved in an innovative way that will be remembered.

One of the most touching ways to do it is get a huge card and write `I Love You` in many different languages. Another interesting idea is a musical card that says `I Love You`. A Valentine poem brimming with love and passion can make your beloved feel overwhelmed. Once it’s written, present it innovatively, for instance you can make it a message in a bottle by buying a pretty bottle and filling it with your poem, some rose petals and shells. Other ideas to present the poem are to frame it on a silver heart-shaped frame.

Express your love by gifting your love a basket of all his or her favorite things. This can be anything from perfumes, T-shirts in his or her favorite color, pens, cosmetics, books, music CDs to cell phones. The time and effort that you have taken to understand his or her tastes will be cherished.

If you have been dating your love for some time, make a gift of those lovely memories with a collage of your photos together. You can also put together a scrapbook of your photos together and decorate it with cute stickers in heart shapes, Cupids and so on.

Gift your love something that tells the world you are a couple. Get identical T-shirts with a message of love on it and wear it together on Valentine’s Day. You can also buy couple watches and wear them together to celebrate the timelessness of love.

A Valentine Headline newspaper is an interesting idea. Make a dramatic declaration of your love on the front page of a personalized newspaper. This can be quite a thrill for the recipient.

Gift your love a Valentine picnic basket. Fill it with fine wine or champagne, cheese and other gourmet eats. Them whisk your love off to a quiet spot where both of you can enjoy a picnic.

Gift a piece of jewelry to express your love, do make it personalized by gifting a chain or bracelet with the initials of your love. You can also have a personal Valentine message inscribed on it.

These ideas should help you find the perfect way to connect with your love this Valentine.

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