Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Love You Poem

Till we meet,

Time will just crawl,

The days will be spent in day-dreaming,

The nights in fantasy-land!

My heart beats at a slower pace,

Except when I hear your voice;

At first I was a little frightened

to share myself with you,

But you soon laid all my fears to rest.

Till we meet,

I know that I’ll miss you every moment of the day,

Minutes seem to be hours,

Hours run into months

Each month seems to stretch into eternity...

Sacrifices and compromises are the order of the day,

But hopefully one day, they too shall be gone.

I look up at the stars in the sky,

But I guess they’ll only sparkle brightly when I’m with you.

Till we meet,

Through the fog that envelops me,

I stare, sightless at the horizon knowing that you are right there,

The food I eat, tasteless,

Till you are there by my side to share it with;

I am tempted to drink myself into oblivion,

Hoping that will send me spinning into orbit

And maybe land in a place close to you...

Where your waiting arms gather me close, never to let go...

Till we meet,

I will not feel whole, my world seems incomplete,

Am waiting for that glorious day

When our eyes first make contact across a room,

And recognize each other instantly,

Wide smiles on our faces, almost breaking into a run

To cover the remaining distance and turn it into closeness.

Our bodies and souls collide in blissful memories

Of words oft-spoken virtually, but now translated into reality,

”I love you”....the words will take on another dimension,

Au revoir till we meet again in the real world....


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