Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is your relationship falling apart?

1. There is a perceptible change in him these days… is it because

a) He was recently promoted at office, and work keeps him away

b) You had a fight with him the day before

c) Hmm… can’t find a reason.

2. Oflate you seem to be arguing too much:

a) On just about everything under the sun

b) About managing the house

c) Only about the car for your mother-in-law

3. On the physical side:

a) Frequency is down by 75%

b) Was never ever healthy

c) Both snore at 9 pm even on weekends

4. When both are at home, you

a) Have a great time.

b) Can’t find mutually interesting subjects to discuss.

c) Invite friends to come over

5. Dining at a restaurant, you generally

a) Talk about the birds and butterflies

b) Relish the food on the plate

c) Discuss personal problems

6. Is he/she

a) Unusually late from office these days

b) Not keen on cooking anymore

c) Indifferent to suggestions for improving the quality of life

7. Oflate

a) He hates being questioned about anything

b) He dresses up nicely for no occasion

c) He is reluctant to accompany you.

Guess, I don’t have to give the answers. You know the answers.

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