Thursday, September 21, 2006

Skills a Good Recruiter must Develop

The other day someone in my team of recruiters wanted to know what it takes to be a good professional in recruitment. Here are my views:

Competencies expected of a professional in recruitment

  • Communication
    Ability to write good mails which are clear, grammatically correct and formatted correctly
    Ability to speak in a manner which is polite courteous and appealing

    Multi tasking
    Ability to handle different tasks at the same time either through self or through others
    Ensuring adequate effort and progress is made on all activities

    Making calls, connecting to the client representative to clearly understand requirements
    Making calls even when it is not purely for a particular requirement
    Meeting personally the client representatives once in a while to build a personal rapport

    Being organized on mails, documents, spreadsheets etc. Having data and information on tips
    Using time effectively
    Using various tools very effectively including MS Outlook (contacts), Google desktop, messengers etc.

    Measure oneself against tasks and results achieved, for instance, closures to requirements, time to closures, closures to joinees
    Put the extra effort needed to fulfill the requirements
    Building database pro-actively so that it will be useful at a later point in time

    Knowing the various clients and requirements which are being worked on by others in the organisation
    Giving help to others for their requirements
    Taking help from others

    Deadline focus
    Giving feedback when committed; if you say you will get back by certain time getting back by that time
    Following up with others to ensure the tasks are committed on time

    Bringing up new ideas to help in achieving higher levels of results
    Building awareness of what is happening outside this organization in the industry we are in

    Build connections with newer people (not just candidates for current requirements) who could be HR people, potential candidates in different organisation, other consultants, other business leaders etc.

    Ability to make judgments based on past experiences of self and others to take decisions / risks which more often than not yield results
    Judgment on people – who will click, who will not etc.

    Ability to persuade people based on facts, perceptions to make decisions in your favour
    Ability to persuade client representatives to look at things in a different (your) perspective
    Being knowledgeable enough to make the other person listen to you
    Handling different people differently

    Carefully attention to what is being communicated to you, picking up the facts and perceptions to act upon and make judgments on.

    Emotional intelligence
    Ability to handle negative emotions including anger, No, disappointments, stress
    Aggression, fire in the belly, aspiring, ability to push oneself
    Being open, transparent, inclusive

    Grip on numbers
    Have eye for details on numbers
    Chase numbers, like revenue, profitability, costs etc.
    Reasonably good in Excel
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