Monday, September 18, 2006

Keeping pace with socio-economic-techno trends

The purpose of the blog is to explore how people learn and grow. This is based on:
1. my experiences and observations in the HR function
2. my experience from running a placement company wherein we get to interact with a cross section of employers and employees
3. interest in exploring the changes which are taking place in the manner and behaviours related to learning which to me is a very wide field in itself; and can be viewed from so many different persepctives and is the key to the progress of the humankind.

Without learning there is nothing, learning is everything.

While learning is the key aspect, the environment which organisations create are essentially driven towards facilitating learning and growth. I believe the central theme of any organisation is creating such an environment.

Therefore while exploring learning and growth, we need to also touch upon issues pertaining to the creation of such an environment in the organisations. This takes us to the domain of the function called HR. However, HR as is practised, more or less, in my view is from a very narrow perspective. Not that it is not important, but that it will need to go through a radical change. My idea of the blog is to ideate, put thoughts on aspects of HR (not from the narrow perspective but from the human behaviour perspective) which I believe should lead to the learning and growth of human beings.

Let me now put on one such thought for discussion. One of my biggest grouses against HR in the manner it is practised today is that it has not kept pace with the socio-economic-techno trends of the external environment.

Let us take some trends:
. re-definition of loyalty, commitment
. greater level of individualisation
. dissipation of energy in various areas
. availability and easy access to choices
. increasing earnings and lowering of cost of life style and easy access to money
. exponential reduction in speed of reaction/responses time
. shorter spans of attention, shorter memories

Let me take some time to explore each of these points.
Re-definition of loyalty, commitment
What do we expect people to be committed to? Is it commitment to

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