Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Points to Ponder in Children’s Behavior Problems

Your child will learn a lot from your behavior, choose how you want him to grow up. Improving your personality has a bearing on the child. Set an example and the child will follow suit.

Write down clearly how you’d want your son to be

At home
At work
At social life

Points to ponder

Character and values are vital to happiness in life
Attitude is key to success
Relationships are critical

Behavior problems - Never forget that
1> Its unwise to confront the child with a behavior problem.
2> First, confirm that he has made a mistake.
3> You must first follow the rules.
4> Threatening or spanking should be the last resort.
5> Rewarding good behavior ensures repetition of the same.
6> Children love to please their parents
7> Love, care and understanding alone can help your child.
8> Degrading your son in front of other children will only worsen your problem.
9> Complaining to others will affect his self-esteem.

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