Friday, August 25, 2006

Your Aims in Raising the Child.

Parents must have a few goals while raiding a child. An experienced parent teaches you the basics.

Give Enough Love.

The more you give, the more you get. True. Parents should shower affection. Not necessarily by buying things the kid loves. Or being with them all the time. But by being with them when they need you. Sharing your thoughts. Taking them out for a walk. Helping him clean his cycle. Perhaps, even cooking together.

Love binds the family together. It makes the child feel wanted. Consequently, the child does everything to get your approval. Love means overlooking faults, not criticizing, not being judgmental. It also means being caring, kind, generous and sympathetic.

But, you must express the feeling. The child must know you love him. Play, fondle, cuddle, kiss and let the child be all over you. Physical expression of love, though unapproved in many cultures, is essential.

Tell him the joy of having received a surprise card on your anniversary. Express the joy of having her in the family. Reward him for good behavior. And don't forget his birthdays.

Give him the best to eat, wear and learn.
Of course, all of us desire the above. Often we are willing to sacrifice, forgo even necessities for fulfilling the desires of children. Take care to provide him quality education, health and entertainment. But let him know the hard work behind it. Let him not grow up without knowing your hardship. The truth will make him more responsible.and he'll try to fulfill his responsibilities as a child at home and school.

Be there when he needs you.
Its vital. Maybe to lend a shoulder for him to cry on. To cheer him on the sports day. Pick him up from school or drop him at the gym. Listen even when you're busy. Talk to him about his likes and find time to walk together.

Do not expect too much.
In the event of the child not matching up your dreams who'll face agonizing disappointment. Naturally, you. Mould him wherever possible, but let him grow naturally. Find out his dreams, test his ability and then decide on what suits both. Its OK if he's not the best, provided he's given it the best shot. Forget it, if she isn't half as intelligent as you. But, has the child the good qualities that help him get along well with others, be confident at work and face the world bravely. That's vital.

Remember James Watt invented the steam engine, not his father.

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