Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good Parent Test - Love Your Child Unconditionally

Children long for parental love. The more you express it, the deeper the bond. They derive emotional strength, feel safe and secure in this world and feel wanted when you shower affection. Learn to take the child with all its faults. A child who gets immense parental love will do anything for them. This makes it easy for you to set rules, change bad habits and influence his thoughts.

How good a parent are you? Take this quick test to find out.

1> After you child's report card is sent home, do you
a> Pat him for good scores and analyze poor ones.
b> Invoke his friend's scores to prove a point.
c> Call your neighbor to check her daughter's scores.

2> Is your son's report card
a> A reflection of your social standing.
b> A measure of your care and attention.
c> An assessment of the child's abilities.

3> How would you deal with a poor score
a> Rave and rant about how much you've struggling to make him study.
b> Send him to tuitions.
c> Tell him there's nothing alarming. You could always improve.

1. a 2. c 3. c

Never ever
1> Try to fulfill your ambitions through your children.
2> Scold or complain in the company of his / her peers.
3> Forget to encourage him when he's down.
4> Try setting things right by complaining to his teacher.
5> Forget that every child is unique. So remember, comparing reveals your ignorance.
6> Forget that every child is unique. "Am I the best mom, around"? or " Was I ever what I want him to be?" Think.

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