Thursday, August 24, 2006

Relationship with Spouse.

Parents relationship with each other will shape the child's relationship and attitude towards the opposite gender.

A male chauvinist might make a strong impression on a boy that he ought to behave the same way with women in his life. While a devout mom might favourably impress her daughter. Treat you wife respectfully and with love and your child will do the same. Avoid arguments, atleast in front of children. Discuss issues before taking action. Express each other's positive traits openly when children are around. Compliment and encourage one another. Lend a helping hand. Do not let negative emotions be displayed. If the need be do it tactfully, sending the children out to play. Adult games shouldn't rub off on children. A mother should talk of the admirable qualities in her husband and vice versa even in the absence of the other.

A boy picks up his father's manners, attitude towards others, strength of character (or lack of it), values and discipline. While a girl unconsciously imbibes her mother's generosity, kindness, sacrifice and devotion. If a father is submissive, the son could reveal 'effeminate' traits in later life. And an overbearing mother will instill man-like traits in her daughter.
Though daughters naturally imitate their mothers, they have a strong romantic relationship with the father, who is the man they most admire. And the boy develops a strong bondage with the mother, though he want to grow up, strong and dominating, like his dad.

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