Friday, May 26, 2006

Love Poems full of Romance

Why I Fall In Love With You

Since I met you,
I've fallen in love with you
at least a hundred times
for a hundred different reasons.
Sometimes I fall in love with you
when I watch you doing something you enjoy,
something you're so involved in that
you're unaware of my presence.
Sometimes I fall in love with you
when I listen to you talk to other people.
Whether you're being interesting and funny
or warm and caring and genuinely concerned,
you have a way of making people feel better with nothing more than words.
Sometimes I fall in love with you
just thinking about you,
remembering all the memories we've made
...falling in love for the first time,
staying in love during the rough times,
finding more to love about each other every day.
And whenever I think about the wonderful things that lie ahead of us,
I fall totally and completely in love with you
all over again.



I love You, my Lord, my Savior,
for doing what You didn't have to,
I love You,my Great Physician,
healing all of my wounds,
I love You,my Blessed Lord,
all of me is charged unto You,
I love You, humanity's Messiah,
protecting me from myself,
I love You,the Perfect Sacrifice,
replacing me at Calvary,
I love You,MIghty,Mighty God,
towering over all things,
I love You,Bright Morning Star,
shining on a narrow path,
I love You,the GREAT I AM,
my past, present, and future,
I love You,Strong Holy Spirit,
lifting me, helping me to stand,
Each and every word that I'm saying,
isn't but a dark shadow over me,
I love You always and forever,
this is just one love song.

Christopher J. Chubbic

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