Sunday, May 7, 2006

Easy Memory Improvement Techniques

Learn simple and easy techniques for improving memory. Secrets the professionals tell you.

1> You must take interest in what you want to remember, A student must be interested in what he studies, to recall things during an exam.

2> Concentrate. Do one thing at a time. When you're studying or working focus on the task at hand, instead of letting your mind wander on family problems or unfinished weekly reports.

3> Learn to relax. Before you read, research, analyse or work on your computer, take a few deep breaths to soothe your nerves.

4> Stop worrying and start remembering. Memory problems are often not directly related to concentration, but due to a worry or problem nagging you. Solve the problem first and you'll be able to remember things better.

5> Unless you want to remember something, you're most likely to forget it. You must tell yourself that these are details you would want to store in your memory.

6> Understand what you learn. This way you'll remember things better.

7> Read aloud so that the sound registered will help you remember.

8> Telling yourself that you CAN remember is vital.

9> Do not overload your memory. Take periodic breaks while preparing for your exam or public speaking contest.

10> Repeat at regular intervals what you want to read.

11> Take notes and refer them often.

12> If you can't remember something, just let it pass over. You will most probably remember it a little later.

13> When you can't remember something, just sit down in a quiet corner and think of things associated with the person, number or event you want to recall. Chances are you'll stumble upon your answer.

14> Try to associate what you'd like to remember with something similar or contrasting.

15> Use a memory peg. For example, I remember a friend's phone number (2356493) like this. 235 is the exchange number. 64 is the year in which he was born (1964, I mean). And we joined the same company in 93 (1993). This way, till date I haven't forgotten his number.

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