Thursday, May 25, 2006

Do Friends Love You? Take the Emotional Love Test and find out.

Take this test to discover if friends love you.

Your friend has become pregnant. How does the news reach you.

A> She invites you to a cup of tea and breaks the news to you.
B> You meet her husband who says "we're now three in the family".
C> You bump into her at the gynaecologist's place, where you've gone to undo the wrongs of your boyfriend.

When you're in financial trouble, do friends

A> Say "I'm in the same boat".
B> Advise you to go to the pawn broker, when your wife is asleep.
C> Help you with even the pocketmoney, or atleast accompany you to the nearest Countrywide Finance office.

When friends plan a party, do they
A> Invite you as a replacement for someone who's unable to come.
B> Put your name on the organising committee's list.
C> Tell you after the party that someone told them you were sick.

When you call a friend's place on a Sunday. Does he tell you...
A> He's busy playing with the cat.
B> Picks up the phone and say's "Wrong number".
C> "Its nice to hear your voice dear".

Do friends seek you...
A> When they need some money to go bowling.
B> When their spirits are down.
C> When they're downed by spirit.

When you drop in at a friend's place. Does he...
A> Ask you "how come this side yaar".
B> Comes to the door to welcome you.
C> Invites you in and then tells his wife "We're leaving in five minutes to Mr. Kuppusamy's house".

1> A 2> C 3> B 4> C 5> B 6> B
5 and above Good. Friends indeed love you.
Below 5 only you Love your Friends.

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