Monday, March 13, 2006

Ten Ways to Please Men

It's very easy to please men, if only you understood how to. Here a few tips from those who have practised it well.

Make Him Feel Like An Emperor
Men have large egos. They have been hunters, warriors and conquerors, you see. Give him your best, day or night. Serve him with love. Dress him up. Feed him and put him to bed. Pamper his ego.

Listen to Him
Everybody wants to talk. About the past, ambitions, fears, failures and dreams. Just listen to him, even if he's a bore.

Remind Him of His Mom's Birthday
There's nothing sweeter to a man's ears than words about his family. Keep in touch with them. Send gifts, preferably without telling him. Praise your husband in private.

Tickle His Palate
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Attend a cookery class if needed, try Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Continental. But, don't forget his favourites. Get things done when he's relishing. For sure, he won't say no to anything.

Don't Complain, Even If You Have Reasons
Men hate women who complain. Just grin and bear things. Ask him to suggest a solution for your problem and he'll gladly do. They love to hear good things about themselves. Go on, but stop when he switches on the TV.

Don't Boast About Your Family
You might have been the princess in your home, ate berries soaked in honey and drove in a Mercedes. Forget that, enjoy life in his one-bedroom apartment, fighting mosquitoes and bedbugs and driving his 1980s Maruti.

Treat Him Like a Kid
Men are so vulnerable inside. They pretend to be tough, sporting moustaches to prove it. They talk less about problems, but that doesn't mean they don't have any. Lend him your ears and your shoulders.

Surprise Him Now and Then
Prepare a candle light dinner unannounced. Try a skirt and bright tops for the Friday cinema. Sew his sweater for winter. Buy him designer briefs. Call his sister in the US. Lend him your savings when in trouble.

Don't Mind Him Eyeing other Women
It's his nature you see. Harmless flirtations can be tolerated. Comments on your friends can be overlooked. Even Cindy Crawford's hubby eyes other girls, so does Aishwarya's boyfriend.

Tell Him You Love Him, Everyday
Man's insecurities are underplayed. Tell him he looks young with advancing age, despite his bald pate. Hold his hands, tell him you just can't wait to see him every evening, though actually you'd enjoy if he came home late.

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