Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Take this test to check out if you're the guy or girl people are lookin' for.

1. When you send a card to your guy or girl, do you...
a. Just pick up one, sign and post it.
b. Search for a card that expresses your feeling, put a sticker or two on it, paint or scribble verses and then mail it.
c. Send a belated e-card.

2. Are you the kind who…
a. Appreciates little things like her new bindi or cute little leather purse
b. Can't spot even her new dress
c. Appreciates anything new her sister tries on

3. If you quarreled with him or her, would you…
a. Irritate him or her by calling his or her best friend and saying life's become a big bore.
b. Wait for the other to make up.
c. Plant a 'I'm sorry' signboard outside her window, spring a surprise and ask him or her out for a moonlight dinner.

4. If you were together at home and couldn't move out since it poured cats and dogs, would you...
a. Bring out your guitar from the attic and play for her.
b. Be frustrated that the rain's not letting up.
c. Sink into a sofa and switch onto ESPN ;-)

5. If you two went to the beach, would you...
a. Wait for her to get wet to have some fun.
b. Be looking at the other young girls playing in the waters.
c. Pick up little shells for her collection.

6. Are you the type who...
a. Loves the wind blowing in your face, birds chirping and the cat purring in your ears.
b. Hates music and going out shopping with her.
c. Is afraid to be alone.

1. b 2. a 3. c 4. a 5. c 6. a

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