Saturday, November 18, 2017

Delivering Happiness Through Social

Aspirations have changed and so have Service expectations! 
From booking a taxi the previous day to taxi in 5 minutes, food in 30 minutes and a even perfect match on BharatMatrimony in a day...

Customers want empathetic listeners who can solve problems.

Customer service through phone is perceived to be slow and tough.

The way we’ve been taught to listen to customers is perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists - Phone surveys and web forms.

Customers want to be understood, connected at lighting speed and issue resolved anytime, anywhere.

But just phones, web forms and customer care mail ids seem to have limitations in today’s world.

Customers feel that they’d be spun around from one number to another
They think that it’s slow
They feel they're just "token numbers" and "tickets"

Whereas on social... 
Customers think there are real people to whom they can connect with. They've understood that social is powerful and companies won't ignore them.

Think social!!!! Deliver Happiness Through Social!

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