Sunday, June 5, 2016

Linkedin Now Reveals What You Didn't Know About Competition

By showing interesting data on total employee count, employee distribution by function, new hires, notable alumni and total job openings, Linkedin has made it interesting for you to know what are your competition’s current plans, where it’s resource strength lies and it’s new business opportunities.

Launched recently, Premium Insights provides an insight into companies you may be tracking for pitching your service/ product to them; offers insight into competition hiring and movement; shows you distribution of resources in different departments; displays new hires; key senior leadership that has moved out of the company and the entire job openings of the company.

For marketers, I feel there’s tremendous data to interpret and pitch for accounts.

It does provide angel investors some insight into companies they may be tracking.

For those taking interviews at a company, it helps to know what you’re getting into.

Of course, for media doing industry stories, there’s a story hidden in each of these data buckets.

As it pushes aggressively for revenues and growth, Linked is making the right moves in making itself relevant and useful for its premium customers.

Get insight into competition's plans, identify right companies to pitch to and more with Linked's Premium Insight.

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