Tuesday, June 28, 2016

15 Amazing Facts About Warren Buffet

15 amazing facts about the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet.

At 8, he sold soft drinks and newspapers making more money than his teachers

At 11, he made his first investment & profit of $13 per share

By 13, he set up the business of selling his own horseracing tip sheet

At 13, he filed tax returns claiming his bike as a $35 tax deduction

At 16, he had made $53,000

In 1942, at high school, he started a pin ball business and sold it for $1200

At 14, he bought 40 acres of land from his own money

At 16, he studied Business at University of Pennsylvania

When he got out of college he had $10,000 from his businesses

In 1951, he sold securities for Buffet-Falk

In 1956, he set up his own company Buffet Partnership Ltd.

In early ‘60s he began accumulating stock of undervalued companies

At 30, he became a millionaire

After investing significantly in Coco Cola, he became its director from 1989-2006

In 2006, he announced his entire wealth of $62 Billion would go to charity

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