Monday, November 9, 2015

Rock Your Lady on Christmas with Endearing Presents

Every woman gives a special bit of herself to the family throughout her life. Christmas is a time to pamper her with a gift that she will love, cherish and remember as the days go by. If you plan to gift her something special, start the hunt now.

Most women love to adorn themselves with beautiful jewelry. Jewelry as a gift is beautiful because it can convey a special meaning, holds sentimental value and also has material value. Add a special touch to the jewelry you pick, for instance, if you plan to gift a pendant on a chain, pick a pendant with the recipient’s favorite flower, animal, sport or something symbolic of the relationship you share. You can also choose jewelry that incorporates the zodiac sign or the birth stone of the recipient.

Women usually have to work hard balancing home, career and kids. Give a woman something that will de-stress her and pamper her. A gift certificate to an exotic spa or a spa hamper with lovely essential oils,
candles, gel and so on are good ideas. You can also gift luxury perfumes or cosmetics if you know her tastes well enough.

Women are as tech-savvy as men today. Choose a gadget that will be useful but also have a feminine touch if possible. Think laptops with designer skins, sleek mobiles, i-pods in pastel shades or karaoke for
i-pods, digital photo collection key-chain, digital camera and so on.

If you are looking for something romantic to please the woman this Xmas, think sensuous designer lingerie, a box of expensive chocolates, a huge Teddy bear, a bed sheet with hearts all over. You can gift clothes but
unless you know her taste and sizes well enough don’t attempt it. Don’t forget to add a large bouquet of red roses to go with these gifts, for best effect turn up at her home in a Santa Claus costume and surprise her!

Gift some entertainment to spice up a woman’s life, pick movies or music she will enjoy. If you have a bigger budget, a sophisticated music system for her home or car will be great.

If the woman loves to travel, how about gifting an exotic vacation. If that stretches your pocket too much, try luxury travel accessories like overnighters, business cases and other luggage. A designer handbag that’s in vogue is also a gift that will be admired.

Once you’ve picked the ideal gift, gift it to her as you sing a beautiful Christmas carol wishing her a Merry Christmas.

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!
Hamilton Wright Mabie

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