Sunday, September 25, 2011

Positive TV Watching with Children and How They Can Stimulate Thinking?

Select television programs that stimulate curiosity, provoke the child's thoughts, enhance understanding of science and life, enrich knowledge and shape the kid's character. Can you decide what your child should see on the idiot box? You can, depending upon school, tuitions and playtime, schedule a time for TV.

Answer the Child's Curiosity
Other than cartoons and probably serials for children, you must be present by his side asking questions, analyzing what is being shown and teaching him important lessons. And of course, you must first answer his questions, why did Adrian’s mother scold him? Was it right for Katie to steal from her friend’s pencil box? Mustn’t we all take care of trees like Mike’s family did? Well, such analysis and comments helps mould a child’s values.

Why Kids Watch TV for Hours Together
The Psychology of Seeing TV

Psychologists say that every child has a lot of pent-up feelings, fears, frustrations etc, which are dissipated on seeing TV. It helps the child identify himself with other children and feel normal about such feelings, but they warn that too much violence or typical adult programs could leave a scar on their brittle psychology.

Parental Guide is Necessary
Hence parental guide is vital to the developing child while watching programs the child can’t easily comprehend. The better route being to avoid such programs in the presence of your child.

If we do a little survey about our television watching habits, we’ll quickly realize that we’re hooked to it so much that we spend hours before it, many a time because we have nothing else to do. Most of us would be shocked to discover that sometimes we kill time before the ‘idiot box’ watching programs we can’t recall ten minutes later, leave alone benefiting from it.

This explains the grip television has over our lives. But, we must admit that all of us, including children, need to relax, entertain and laugh our tensions away. We can do this if we can control what we watch. There are Discovery and National Geographic channels to stir the curiosity of your child. Cartoon Network will see your child laugh and fall off his chair. Then there’s Splash and news-based program. Not to forget ESPN and Sky Sports. There are interesting television serials for children too.

Caution: follow the rules you draw for your child, with regard to watching TV. Watch your words when children are around. Avoid the TV when you’re at lunch or dinner as extreme reactions to the scenes on TV effect your digestion. Keep away from TV when exams are around. Above all keep your promises.

What should you child watch on television?

Points to ponder
a. Control the amount of time you spend before the TV.
b. TV curtails creativity.
c Guide your children while watching TV.
d. Select the programs children should see.
e. Above all, keep your promises about letting him watch his cartoon serial if he finishes his homework.

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