Friday, September 9, 2011

Page Rank 10 Websites

The comprehensive list of Page Rank 10 sites for SEO professionals to feast upon.

A few highly ranked pages on Google with PR 10, in recent times have moved to page rank 9. Many .gov sites are constantly seen in the Page Rank 10 list. But, the fact is .gov or .edu domains do not get any preferential treatment from Google’s algorithms.

Page rank changes of one or two are normal with new updates from Google. Sometimes page rank changes one sees could be temporary and one should not panic. While looking at page rank as an indicator of the value of a site is healthy, undue obsession about Google’s page rank is not necessary.

Facebook - Social Networking site
135,000 backlinks to this site
Facebook is the first social networking site to grab the famed Google Page Rank 10, considered the holy grail of search. For those new to SEO, it just means that the site is a lot more SEO compliant and has been pointed to by a lot of relevant and highly ranked sites, has fresh content every minute, has a huge traffic driven of course by 400+ million users, is bookmarked heavily by users, and has a ton of online PR that talks about the usefulness of Facebook.

Zimbra - Open source email collaborator
1,890 backlinks to this site

IFLA - The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

Addthis - The popular bookmarking and sharing services site
159, 000 backlinks to this site

G08 – Group of eight site
1,180 backlinks to this site

Sciencedirect - Showcases 9.5 million articles/chapters from scientific journals, 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and more than 11,000 books
8210 backlinks to this site

CNN - (same as ) The news site
47,800 backlinks to this site

University of California - University of California
4,140 backlinks to this site

Adobe Reader - The trusted Adobe reader download
458,000 backlinks to this site

W3 - The World Wide Web Consortium
33,600 backlinks to this site

USA Govt Site - Official portal of the United States Government
30,100 backlinks to this site

EUA – The European University Association
3,210 backlinks to this site

Google - The world’s popular search engine
149,000 backlinks to this site

Indian Govt - The official site of the Govt of India
2,360 backlinks to this site

Europeana - showcases Europe’s cultural heritage with links to 6 million pieces of unique information.
5,160 backlinks to this site

Miibeian - Ministry of Information Industry Records in China
54,800 backlinks to this site.

HHS (same as - The United States Department of Health and Human Sciences
36,200 backlinks to this site.

Universitas21 - Network for Higher Education
1,140 backlinks to this site

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