Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Love at First Sight Poem

Are you the first drop of sunshine or a warm breeze on a winter night,

Are you the reflection of Aphrodite or the illusion of a man's dream,

Are you the brightest star of the universe

Or the reason for its existence,

Are you the quintessence of wealth or is mankind poor without you,

Are you the only wish of the living or the last hope of dying,

Are you the essence of a true life or is life purposeless without you,

Are you the prayer of the plagued ones

Or the medicine for the one in love,

Are you in the sparkle in man's eyes or the mirage of his sight,

Are you the music of the composer's heart

Or the only sonnet of a poet,

Are you the color of a tulip field or the pale softness of the moonlight,

Are you the vision of the blind ones or are we blind without you,

Are you the thirst of the desert sand or the first rain drop,

Are you love in its purest form or is love pure because of you,

Are you the echo of heavenly love or is love made heavenly by you,

Are you nature gazing from its own eyes

Or are you my love at first sight

Cyrus Hiramanek

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