Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Love for Him Verse

I stood where Love in brimming armfuls bore

Slight wanton flowers and foolish toys of fruit:

And round him ladies thronged in warm pursuit,

Fingered and lipped and proffered the strange store.

And from one hand the petal and the core

Savoured of sleep; and cluster and curled shoot

Seemed from another hand like shame's salute,

Gifts that I felt my cheek was blushing for.

At last Love bade my Lady give the same:

And as I looked, the dew was light thereon;

And as I took them, at her touch they shone

With inmost heaven-hue of the heart of flame.

And then Love said: "Lo! when the hand is hers,

Follies of love are love's true ministers.

Dante Gabriel Rosetti

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