Thursday, September 6, 2007

Web Unifies Us, but helps Express Individualism

The world constantly divides and unifies at the same time. A paradox indeed. But sensible and real.

The web is a great example for this. What does the web do? It brings everything in the public domain under one signle umbrella. Everything gets connected. No barriers of time or space. Maybe everyone is a netizen - a citizen of the networked world. The actual citizenship linked to the nations does not matter. The web breaks down the barriers of nations, age, religion, caste, creed, time zones, language and brings them all to the same platform. None of these matter for one to become a netizen. We are all of the same ciitizenship. How marvellous!!!

The same web also is helping in individualization. Individualization by way of creating opporutnities to individuals to pursue ones own interest and uniqueness, and strengthen the uniqueness. Earlier maybe I did not know how to express my idea, where to go to express them, how to get feedback on them, how to improve my thought process. Today I can use the web to do all these. In the process, I strengthen my individualization. Businesses get created because I know avenues to express ideas and find the means to execute them.

The paradox of division and one is not new. It is all along been studied, accepted and expressed in the Hindu philosophy. The atman or Brahman is one. It is infinite and eternal. The world is divided epxpression of the one.

The web is only an example for us to appreciate the truth of divided yet one. Oneness in the many. Many in the oneness.

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