Sunday, August 26, 2007

Why the World needs a Positive Newspaper

We need to have a new kind of newspaper. A newspaper which evokes and propogates positive energy in individuals and society. Imagine a newspaper where we read the following:

- the project of creating a new highway between City A and City B was completed today. This project was completed 3 months ahead of schedule and within the budget. Interview the various people who were involved with the project. (Contrast this with the aplenty news of new projects being announced with great fanfare and which are often forgotten afterwards. Either they do not get completed or overrun their time and cost schedules)

- the co-operative society in village A which was formed around twenty years back with the aim of bringing together the farmers of the village to educate them on the new practices, and improve productivity celebrated its 20th anniversary. The highlight of the function was a presentation by one of the children of the village member who went to the US to do higher studies and now has patents in biological sciences. In the presentation the scientist brought to the forum the new developments in biological sciences which can be practised by farmers across the world to improve the productivity.

- Village C was given an award by the United Nations for its effort to conserve water through water harvesting. This was a totally domestic efforts with participation of members from the village with no monetary support of the government or agencies from outside.

- story of a mother and daughter who are working as conductor and driver for the state transport corporation. Both are educated upto graduation. Mother got the job on copassionate grounds after the death of her husband who was an employee of the corporation. The duagther chose to pick up the job of a driver in the corporation. She was selected to the job going through the normal process of selection.

The idea is simple - present stories which are positive and thus build positive energy. These are not fictious stories. There are many many true stories of this nature. It is just that the media does not focus on these. they do not investigate them - it takes much more time and effort. Bombing, corruption, stalling of parliaments, verbal deul between politicians, stock market crash etc. gain precendence.

We need to bring out the positives in the society in order to create positive energy and thereby overcome the negative energies. Just highlighting negative events will not help us overcome the negative energies.

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