Monday, August 13, 2007

Why Is First Love Unforgettable?

First love is always unforgettable because of many happy reasons. The thrill of the first flush of romance feels like fresh dewdrops falling on an untouched leaf. It makes hearts beat faster, the birds sing sweeter and the world feel happier!

First love comes unbidden and hits you like a ton of bricks. This happy surprise is the most enjoyable thing about it. Before you realize it, the object of your affection become the most important thing in your life. You adore, praise and wax eloquent over your beloved, you also find moments when you turn an impromptu poet or break into a jig!

The magic of first love can sweep you off your feet. First love has also been the inspiration for many poets, movie makers, artists and creative people whose expressions frequently draw into their earth-shattering experience of first love.

The funny thing about first love is that in many cases it's a strong crush and the target could be anyone ranging from a favorite teacher, painter, preacher or the good-looking neighbor next door.

The first time your beloved expresses love is something very special. It can be as subtle as a soft 'I Love You' whispered in your years or as flamboyant as hiring a hoarding to declare love! Love expressed as a cute little love poem, a mushy card or with a heart-warming teddy-bear are some of the popular means of expressing this emotion. Love mugs, love flowers, heart-shaped chocolates, heart stationery and love song CDS are just a few of the ideal gifts to gift someone you love when you want them to know you love him or her.

First love takes the young lovers to another world oblivious to what happens around them. A world where just the two of them exist, moonlit walks, romantic dinners, long drives, dance and such couple activities feature high on the agenda. Friends might find that they begin to take a back-seat but most good-naturedly understand.

First love is a mix of both a physical and emotional rush of feelings with both running high. With both partners being young, the stirrings of desire awaken and both feel the throbbing physical need. The period is marked by lots of kissing, petting and making out.

First love packs in fine memories of the first experience with the opposite sex. If you are in the throes of it, enjoy every moment, for it's to be cherished for a lifetime.

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