Monday, March 26, 2007

Inspirational Interview with God...!!!

1> What do you think are man's silly mistakes?
God: He complicates everything simple.

2> Are women made to be difficult to understand?
God: Ha ha ha! I expected that to be your first question, he said. They are the simplest
of my creations, if you can understand them.

3> I'm surprised: Is it really that simple?
God: Make her feel secure. Earn her trust. Show commitment.
Remember her birthdays. Find time for her.

Ooooh! I realize that. Now.

4> How to be Happy in Life?
God: It's very easy. Expect nothing. Give all you have. Sport a Smile. Be like children.
Speak the truth, Always. Then you don't have to remember Anything.

5> Why is there misery on earth?
God: Man's expectations grow faster than his ability to satisfy the same.

6> When I can't decide on something, what should I do?
God: Listen to your heart. Not to your Reason.
God, what about depression after a failure.
Remember, when you can no longer walk, you'll be a able to fly.

7> My mind is noisy. How can I listen?
Only the mind that listens can understand anything. Listening is not passive as most of you think. It means to let a message sink in, without being judgemental. Don't criticise. Don't comment. Let not your conditioning intefere with Understanding what you are hearing. Put off your filters. Let your intelligence take a break. Don't validate anything. Listen with a still, calm Mind. You'll hear the deeper meanings. You'll understand the Truth.

8> Is it easy to Love people?
Truth is the foundation on which True Love is built. Lies and falseness can crush a romantic relationship. Sooner or later, the person is going to find out the truth and then the love bonds are gone - disappearing into the thin air.

When you're wrong or make a mistake, accept it. And the person will forgive you. Not just that. The bonds of Love grow stronger after that.

9> Do we need conditions in Love?
The whole world seems to be doing this wrong. As children grow up, we ask them to do certain things. If they do, we shower love on them. If they don't, we scold them. We deny them our love. The teacher does it. The boss is no different. And the partner is the same too. Rejection. Scorn. Cold shoulders. That's what people get when they don't follow the carrot and stick policy.

Do what I say. Do what I like. And you'll be my best friend. You'll get my Love. But, conditional love works in the short term. Guess we can easily find the answer from our own experiences.

Unconditional love to children, friends, partners and parents. That's the winning strategy. Try it and you won't regret.

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