Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Valentine Song

If we must be together mate
Make it up to me now!
Buy me books and dark chocolate
Avoid cliches like WOW!

Don’t be a wastrel with that purse
Make me laugh instead,
Spin me reams of jolly verse
Like stars let it spread!
Remember the time you sent greetings

For each festive event?
Whatever happened to those favourite things
Your austerity won't it relent?
Go ahead and goof with all the gals,

It's all fair game and jest;
But remember we are the best of pals
Don’t treat me like the rest!
For I am a special, cool dude
Friendly, frank and sincere

Despite my dark and sombre mood
I am transparent, pure and clear.
So don’t manipulate or assign
Parameters to this friendship terrain;

Don’t analyse, control or design
Let full freedom naturally reign.
Yes, we are not spectacular
Like the princess in the fable,

Or wax eloquent in the vernacular
Like artists capable.
Just what will it take - tell me please!
Will it be poetry, prayer or song?

Mystically, magically won't you appease
My soul before too long?
For the heart aches in penury
As we listlessly ponder and pine,

O’ how much longer this January
My dearest, sweetheart mine!

Rajeshwari Iyer, South Asian Women's Forum

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