Monday, July 24, 2006

Famous John F Kennedy Quotes

Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.

Ask not what your country can do for you…ask what you can do for your country.

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

Don't get mad, get even.

Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to

Mothers all want their sons to grow up to be president, but they don't want them to become politicians in the process. mankind.

One-fifth of the people are against everything all the time.

Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.

Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.

You know nothing for sure . . . except the fact that you know nothing for sure.

All this will not be finished in the first 100 days. Nor will it be finished in the first 1,000 days, nor in the life of this administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetimes on this planet. But let us begin.

We must seek, above all, a world of peace; a world in which people dwell together in mutual respect and work together in mutual regard.

Moral courage is a more rare commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence.

When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters--one
represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.

Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total; of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.

The quality of American life must keep pace with the quantity of American goods. This country cannot afford to be materially rich and spiritually poor.

Democracy is a difficult kind of government. It requires the highest qualities of self-discipline, restraint, a willingness to make commitments and sacrifices for the general interest, and also it requires knowledge.

Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education.
The human mind is our fundamental resource.

What is objectionable, what is dangerous, about extremists is not that they are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say about their cause, but what they say about their opponents.

Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect, but we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in, to prevent them from leaving us.
Speakin in Berlin, Germany on 26 June 1963

The free way of life proposes ends, but it does not prescribe means.

Finally, it should be clear by now that a nation can be no stronger abroad than she is at home. Only an America which practices what it preaches about equal rights and social justice will be respected by those whose choice affects our future. Only an America which has fully educated its citizens is fully capable of tackling the complex problems and perceiving the hidden dangers of the world in which we live.

...if by a liberal they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people - their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, their civil liberties..if that is what they mean by a "liberal" then I am proud to be a liberal.

Happiness: The full use of your powers along lines of excellence

John F. Kennedy, popularly known as JFK, 35th President of the United States


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