Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How to Teach Your Child to Read?

How to get your child to read?

A> First, get him picture books.
B> Next, story books with lots of pictures.
C> Tell him a story and relate to him the details seen in pictures.
D> Narrate bedtime stories with dramatization.
E> Accompany him to the library.
F> Initially, let him read subjects he likes.
G> Then guide his reading.
H> A small library is a must.

Points to ponder...
A> You must do a bit of reading too.
B> A dictionary and thesaurus is necessary.
C> How about discussing what you’ve read?
D> Can there be a family story session. Perhaps, a grandma story-teller.
E> Wouldn’t it be wise to underline, take notes and clear doubts.