Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Are retailers missing something here…

Pic: express.co.uk
It’s amazing how retail stores spread over 1000s of sq feet forget a key convenience for customers (males, elders and perhaps children). As everyone and his grandmother knows women spend more time at a store than men. And we also know that men after some time become restless while shopping with women and children. They soon start looking around for a place to sit, whip out their phones and fight boredom.

I remember landmark, the bookstore, had stools to sit. Some Ikea stores even allow people to take a nap on their new beds. Music World had music stations.

If only stores could provide a place to rest (seating, some water and ports for charging mobiles), it could lead to happy women spending more time and perhaps more money at their stores.

Wonder why most stores haven’t realised this although they have space to do it.

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