Friday, February 10, 2017

Why we should love what we do… to achieve more than we think we can

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. What really happens when we fall in love with something or someone… if only you knew you it, you’d fall in love right away.

We’re driven by the love
When we love what we do, we’re energised and find meaning that anchors us. We’re connected to the purpose which drives us forward. We look forward to the challenge every day because we’ve chosen it out of sheer love. We don’t shirk the hurdles.

We don’t find excuses
To procrastinate. The devil called “resistance” never builds up inside our heads ‘cause we’re looking to ride into the storm and steer the ship forward. Because we know nothing other than do the thing we love. Like Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni and Virat Kohli, Roger Federer, Usain Bolt get up every morning and think nothing other than their game, we also get up and look forward to doing the thing we’re passionate about. We simply offer no excuses for not doing it.  

Responsibility for success lies on us
When we are passionate about something and make a choice to do it we know that we are accountable for our actions. Success, even failure rests squarely on us. Therefore, we’re driven to our goal. Just do it and the joy of the journey will keep us happy. You started it, therefore you’ll finish it.

Love raises the state of the being
The moment we fall in love (with someone or something), the self is at an exalted state of being. The energy, confidence, courage that stems from it defies logic, and sometimes us too. One needs to be in love to feel this aura.

Love is a great feeling
We humans are driven by emotions and nothing drives the world forward than love. The feeling of love is the most powerful one. Fall in love and you’ll find yourself doing things you never imagined.

I’m in love with what I do. Are you?

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