Monday, December 19, 2016

Beyond the Bottle

(My article in the Business World)

Consumers have begun to look beyond the product and at the purpose beyond profit. It’s no longer about selling soaps, it’s about saving lives.

Purpose is what galvanises an organisation to action. It’s a seed which grows to drive employees from within, often giving meaning to their work. It’s what inspires the consumers too. It’s not a mere slogan to be created by an agency and tucked away beneath the logo or printed on a handbook.

Why is it more relevant now?
Traditionally, marketers told consumers what they were supposed to want. Not any longer. Today, consumers are making choices based on certain values and purpose. People don’t “buy what you do” people “buy why you do.” Simon Sinek in his famous Ted Talk says, “the goal is not to do business with people who need what you have, but to sell to those believe in what you believe.” People stood in long queues to buy an iPhone, not just because it was a great product, but because they believed in what Apple was wanting to do. Every choice made by the consumer is driven by an internal purpose.

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