Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Truth About Influencer Marketing in India

Influencer marketing is at a very nascent stage in India. Most brands are engaging in trending hashtags, but that's just one tiny bit of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is all about creating opportunities for conversations about your brand. And like any typical marketing, acquisition is the end goal.Conversation shrinks or expands in proportion to your investment in social media and marketing.

At the heart of a good influencer marketing campaign is content. Good content makes brands feel good, great content makes consumers feel smart. Content is now being discovered by consumers through conversations. Content is the pollen that social media bees spread from one flower to another. But social media is not about merely sharing your content, it's about adding value to the consumer's life.

Real influencers are those who collaborate with brands to amplify the message to audiences who may need it. Influencer marketing is a lot like gardening. You sow a seed of conversation, nurture it and it yields fruits of buzz about your service. It's certainly not just contests and brand hashtags on Twitter.

Social media offers tremendous potential for brand advocacy and engagement. People trust recommendations from friends they know. That's why marketers are keen to leverage influencer marketing.

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