Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Joy of Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Anniversaries bring back the romance and joy of marriage. They should be celebrated in the right spirit and with the perfect gift. When it comes to picking Anniversary gifts for couples or for your own spouse, here’s a nifty list that helps you take the perfect decision.

Best Anniversary Gift Ideas

The best anniversary gifts have a personal touch and preferably a sentimental touch too. Some of the most cherished wedding anniversary gifts are gifts of jewelry in precious metals like platinum, gold or silver as they symbolize the eternal marriage bond. Gifts with a beautiful touch include painted portraits of the couple, expensive photo frames with their photos, twin candle stands, romantic music CDs, crystal, cups for two, a
holiday for two, fl owers and so on.

Something for the Lady

If you are looking for something for your wife, jewelry, sexy lingerie, a special poem in her honor, chocolates and roses top the list. For men gadgets, shirts, a bottle of his favorite liquor, accessories like belts andwallets, leather organizers and so on will be appreciated. Gadgets that your spouse has always been longing for like I-pods, laptops, mobiles and the like will be greatly appreciated.

1st Wedding Anniversary

The 1st Wedding Anniversary or Paper Anniversary is a very exciting and memorable one. Traditional gifts to celebrate this include romantic stationery, cards, books, posters, photographs, paper mache artifacts
and others. You could write a love letter on some romantic stationery or write out a gift coupon for a sensuous massage by you. The 5th or Wood Anniversary can be commemorated with delightful wooden crafts, a comfy wooden armchair, wooden bowls and so on.

Tin Anniversary Gifting

The 10th or Tin Anniversary is a landmark in every marriage and traditional gifts are given in tin and aluminum. This means that you have a choice of beautiful aluminum vases and cases, candle stands, cookie tins, aluminum wine bottle totes, aluminum picture frames and so on. Modern gifts include diamond jewelry for women and accessories for men like cuff links.

The 15th or Crystal Anniversary can be celebrated with sparkling crystal artifacts, crystal jewelry and in modern times with couple watch sets.

The 25th Anniversary is the Silver Wedding Anniversary and traditional gifts include silverware, champagne in a silver case or silver jewelry. The 50th Anniversary is the Golden Wedding Anniversary and gifts in gold like jewelry, gold lockets, and gold plated trays and so on.

With this ready reckoner in hand, you’ll find anniversary gifting a breeze. 

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.

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