Monday, November 7, 2011

Why Prayers are Important in Today's World of Uncertainties?

Why prayers important in this age of uncertainties and how it helps people manage their lives better. Pastor Eric Johnston, Associate Pastor, Christian Prayer Center, answers in an interview with Rajasekar Raju KS.

Prayer is such an important part of our lives in this digital age and I think with people spending more time on the internet and phone, there's really a need to emotionally connect to each other. What are your thoughts?

Yes, absolutely. People are working harder these days, and often don't have the time to go to church every week. By finding fellowship online, and bringing their prayer requests( before thousands of people, they can acheive the same spiritual connection they might find at their local church. Just like we've seen on many current social networking sites, people do not necessarily have to meet face to face in order to find meaninging relationships.

Doesn't prayer work better when you do it for others? The law of Karma works, right!

Prayer is a certainly a give and take, yes. At the Christian Prayer Center, people have an opportunity not only to post prayer requests of their own, but they are also encouraged to read and comment on what other's have prayed for. This two way communication is very important, and forms a lasting connection between the prayer community.

Can you share a personal story of prayers that worked for someone.

It's hard to think of anyone praise report that stands out against others. Each day we receive blessed stories of people who have used prayer to rise them up from their lows. Prayer has helped people repair fractured relationships, find new financial opportunities, and strengthen their relationship with God.

What does the Bible say about prayers?

The Bible says that prayer is our way of communicating our needs and our thoughts to God. When we have faith, God shows us His love by answering our prayers.

Prayer is a crucial part of our daily lives, how do you help people realize that?

It's sometimes difficult to know when God has truly heard our prayers. With faith, we know that he has, but at the Christian Prayer Center, we are able to show immediate results to people. Once a prayer request is posted, people can immediately start praying for them, and commenting on their request to show their support. It's very comforting. We do our best to provide a means for people to use prayer to enrich their lives.

Can you suggest a way for busy people to have periods of silence and reflection in everyday life?

Whether you are having a good day or a bad day, it's always important to remember that life is a gift. I tell people that in their moments of pain, grief, and joy, we should always remember that God has a plan for us, and that God put us on Earth for a reason.

We were made to be social and therefore should we not give a thought to the underprivileged and the disadvantaged in society? How does the Christian Prayer Center help in this?

We do our very best to teach and comfort people from every country around the world. We operate a fully staffed prayer support center that offers guidance and prayer to those with specialized needs. In many circumstances, we've been able to provide support to the disenfranchized individuals with nobody or nowhere else to go. As long as you can find a computer at a public library, or elsewhere, we are there to help. For those who host regular bible studies, and look for mentorship in starting their own churches, we also provide online ordination. (

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