Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Never Give Up without Trying one more time

Why should you give up when you want something badly. Try, try and with practice and perseverance you will succeed.

There's a never give up story I read about Muhammad Ali, the boxing legend. He said when he was knocked down once, he thought: "And I thought, OK. What’s next?

It dawned upon him that when you don’t get up there’s no way you can win. And he knew that getting knocked down is part of being in the business. It’s inevitable. But once you know you can get up, no matter what, you become stronger and resilient.

I urge you to be like him. Don't think of giving up, when in fact you may just be on the verge of winning.

The other never give up story that comes to my mind is that of Thomas Alva Edison.

It is popularly said that he failed 9999 times while attempting to invent the electric bulb. He nearly killed his associates when the equipment in the lab blew up. But he persisted telling them that he has discovered that he had failed another time. And was determined to give another try. And, the 10000th time, it was history.

He brought light into this world.

So don't give up Try one more time. It's your dream to win. Never give up.


  1. Just what I always do, never say NEVER without even trying for the second time. If you won't try again, you will lose the opportunity to possibly reach your goal.

  2. Like Britney Spear's song, "hit me baby one more time."

  3. Quotes that are very much positive and uplifting as these are my favorite. At least, it gives a little comfort and hope. These are also very helpful when you like to send to your loved ones and friends who are under unpleasant circumstances. Thanks for sharing, I would love to add some of these to my personal favorite.
    God bless always!