Saturday, June 25, 2011

Work-at-Home Mom’s Lessons in Rising Early

A work-at-home mom reveals how rising early changes her life giving more time to do things she was passionate about.

My daughters’ school starts at 8.30 am we all wake up by 7 am on weekdays and on weekends it is 8.30 am. So you see we were not early risers. But all that changed one day - she wanted to get up early for her exams.

So she asked my father-in-law, during a recent visit, to wake her up who is up by 5 am in the morning. He is 74 and has been waking up early, when birds chirp, the last 60 years or so. My father-in-law is an inspiration for all of us.

He finishes his exercise, makes his own cup of tea, reads books and waits for his morning newspapers. (He reads a whole lot). When we are out of our bedroom his, “Good Morning” refreshes us and inspires us to look forward to the day with great enthusiasm.

The next day my father-in-law woke up my daughter for her exams, and as I wanted to give her a boost (mother’s contribution), I too woke up.

Because of my early rising I was able to give valuable tips to my daughter for writing her exams, and finish my daily chores by 10 am, and had lot of spare time, which allowed me to complete all my pending work. (Blogging, completing tax returns, filing, banks…).

I felt energetic, seeing the red sun; usually I couldn’t see the sun,
That day was my D –day, the deciding day when I thought that one early day could give so many benefits, and then imagine if I woke up early my entire life …

So hold my hand and come with me and I will let you know how I did it.

(Followed my father-in-law footsteps. surprised!)
As I had already decided on a goal, why take an unknown path, instead follow the guru.
1. Write down the things you need to do the next day, and see to it that everything needed to help you me do the things were right there.

My example: veg and fruits for breakfast, packing lunch, allocating specific time for work (I work from home) going to the market, taking my little one to dance class.

2. Set the alarm. And tell your brain that you have to get up at this time orally, I mean speak loudly before going to bed that you have to wake up at 6 am or whatever time suits you. Believe me; your mind also acts like an alarm.

3. Go to sleep with a pleasant activity: like playing with your little ones, reading a book for them, listening to music, I use to read, as reading is my hobby. I personally feel that reading gives knowledge. Knowledge is like water, to keep it pure it has to be running.

4. As I said earlier, either your brain or your alarm will wake you up. Get up; think about the positive approach you have taken in life, pat yourself for doing it.

5. After refreshing yourself have a glass of water, do simple exercise, yoga or meditation and get going.
Important: if for some reason your sleep has been disturbed, do not take it as an excuse to get up late the next day. Your body will take care of it and when needed will indicate you to hit the bed early. Get up at the fixed time, and reap the benefits.

I would like to share my benefits with you:

1. One with nature: i go to my terrace to meditate, and therefore see the sun changing its light from red to yellow. I feel that I too like the birds, trees, flowers, river, mountains is enjoying this marvelous sight.

2. No stress: this is too good a feeling. Now when I drop my kid to school, there is no rush, no searching for lunch boxes, water bottle, no yelling. Everything so perfect, I feel that I have a head start.

3. Head start: when I return home, and start my work, I am able to meet my deadline comfortably as I start early.

4. Organized life : the extra time available allows me to do things which I normally avoid like arranging the wardrobe etc

Benefits: After a few days you will notice how organized your life is. And that you have ample time to follow your passions.

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