Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Optimize Anchor Text for Users

The way to optimize anchor text is to use the most appropriate phrase to describe the content on the page to which the text is hyperlinked.

Very often you have heard of “optimizing anchor text” in SEO articles. Anchor text is the text that is hyperlinked and by clicking which one can go the page which has been described in the hyperlinked text. The hyperlinked anchor text is usually in a different color, to make it stand out and attract the user’s eye.

Example: SEO Guide for Bloggers

Anchor text is a way of leading the reader to a page of content by telling him exactly what he’ll find on the content page. It’s a way to lead people to interesting content on the same subject.

It should never be approximated.
It should never be written just for search engines.
It should never mislead the reader.
It should never say one thing and mean something else.
It should never be hyperlinked with words like “read more”, “more” or “continue reading”. Since these are opportunities wasted to explain to the reader what you have on the next page.

It should always provide the reader with a clue to the core of the content.
It should always be accurate in description of the content.
It should always be written for users.
It should never be written for manipulating page rank.

You can use anchor text at the end of an article leading them to more content on the same topic. Something like continue reading “how to optimize anchor text.” But hyperlink only “how to optimize anchor text.”

It can also be used within an article. You can hyperlink certain words or phrases to another appropriate article or section on your site.

Research before You Write Anchor Text
Don’t ever rush to write anchor text. Do keyword research to find out what people are searching for on the subject. Find a good keyword phrase that fits the content to a tee and then use it. Always use keywords that real users would use to search for that particular content. And it’s wiser to use the words inn the same order as users may type into a google search bar.

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