Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Only Love Keeps You Going

People need to have a passion for something in order to excel at that, be it sport or business.

How often do we read stories about a burning childhood passion that results in doing impossible, incredible and hugely successful things. And I begin to wonder whether we have lost the love for things we like. The trainers often tell you that dreaming is the predecessor to success. That unless one dreams one never achieves. And we always dream about things we love and are crazy about.
Yes, LOVE, that’s the magic word. Love for pursuing things despite odds, love for execution even when faced with failure, love for going on without knowing the boundaries, love for the love of it. Not for money, fame or recognition.

This brings success – not the success that the world thinks of as money, progress in life, change in status, new cars… but the sheer joy of the journey of doing what you love.

The investment guru Warren Buffet famously said how he chooses to invest in a company: “I look into their eyes (company owners) and try to figure out whether they love the money, or if they love the business…if they don’t love the business, I can’t put that [money] into it.

“[Then] my job is to make sure that I don’t do anything that kills that love of the business.”

Now you know why Buffet picked great winners. He saw the love in their eyes.

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