Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Son Who Made a Coffin for his Living Father

This is one of the series of 50 Best Short Motivational Stories I've done. I tell these stories to inspire and motivate people.

There lived an old farmer and his son in a village close to the blue mountains. Both tilled the land together and sold the grains to buy goods they needed.

Over time, the farmer grew old and could no longer work. So he sat on a stone by the edge of the river and did nothing all day.

The son who went to work all day thought one day, “He sits here all day doing nothing. He has become useless.”

The next day he made a coffin of fine wood and asked his father to lie down in it. He dragged the coffin towards the edge of the cliff.

Soon he heard a knock from inside the coffin, “knock, knock”.

He opened it.

“I know you’re going to push me off the cliff. But I have one request. Throw me over the cliff but save this nice coffin, for your sons made find use for it.”

Motivational Story Notes: Do unto others what you’d want them to do unto you, says the Bible. Before you say or do anything, ask yourself if you’d be happy if you underwent the same thing. Earn good karma in life by helping others and making life better for others around you. Or your bad karma will come back to haunt you. Just because something is old, it has not lost its use. It’s merely served its purpose.

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