Sunday, November 9, 2008

Planning Holiday Travel with Kids

Holidaying and kids are a contradiction. Any exasperated parent would vouch for this. You must plan your travel carefully, if you have kids under three, or you’ll end up wondering if home wasn’t better.

No doubt babies love to travel since the constant motion soothes them to sleep. But travels don’t mean mobility all the time, it also means noisy railway stations, overcrowded buses and boring airplanes.

When you pack your bags, put nappies, clothes to change, towels, shoes and socks, a small bed, comforting toys and a dummy, if your child is used to one.

Medicines are a must, for loose motion, cold and fever. Rattles. Pluck and fix toys, cards, colour pencils, magic slates and building blocks do away the boredom.

Soaps, creams, mugs and water bottles will take care of the little one’s hygiene.

Biscuits, snacks and a chocolate or two to nibble. Since food is a good way of putting a child to sleep, sometimes.

Travel by Road
Travelling by road is uncomfortable for children, since their movement is restricted, they are bound to get bored soon and will begin to let a scream now and then, fling toys on the old lady in front or put one under your car seat.

Boredom can be handled by telling him stories, playing games or showing him some picture books.
Food is a nice way to keep him occupied and finally put him to sleep. Beware not to overdo it.

Counting animals, cars or trees you sight from the window is an interesting way of keeping children engaged.
When you break your journey even for half an hour, get down from your vehicle and let the children run up end down. Freedom to move about after a journey is crucial to keep a child excited about traveling. Else by the time your vehicle has started your child will enquire “if we have arrived.”

Travel by Rail
Train journeys are always fascinating for kids and adults alike. The hills, rivers, animals, sunsets and workers in farms…………… well there’s so much to see. And the freedom to stir out of your seats. The easily accessible loos.

A bored up kid could be taken to the pantry and back. And he’ll have enough uncles and aunts to play with. Picture books and magnetic toys keep one engaged on trains. Rhymes and naming games are permitted too.
Pack plenty of clothes to change since he’ll insist on squatting on the floor or tiny ones may wet often. While train journeys may not be tiresome, children will definitely feel thirsty. So you’ll need a bottle or two of water, besides fruit juices.

Holiday by Air
Children find the noise during take off and landing unbearable. And there’s hardly anything to see, even if you get a window seat. Good cabin crew may help sometimes. But getting strapped onto your seat may be the worst thing for a child. If you’re lucky to find an empty seat then you can keep him occupied with toys, books and food. Collapsible cots will prove handy, if only the airline allows you to use it.

Booking Hotels
Book with the best travel guys and hotels, but always carry the child’s bedding and warm clothes. As for food, keep out fat and oily stuff. Steamed food is the best, with plenty of fruits.
Don’t forget a sling, which can be comfortably strapped to your shoulders with the child looking over your shoulders or facing the road behind.

And the next time you travel with a child, we’re sure you’re quite prepared

Travelling with kids
Points to ponder
1. Travelling is educative
2. Help children admire the culture and heritage of this country.
3. Encourage them to explore the world.
4. Arm yourself with guides, maps and travel literature.
5. Explain the beauty of each city and its people.

1. Get out without reserving your rooms.
2. Forget to enough knowledge of the weather, what to see and what to do.
3. Miss your daily medicine, if any.
4. Go out if you don’t have enough money.
5. Let children get out of your sight.

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